Thursday, August 11, 2005


I am sorry to say that due to a very unexpected family bereavement, a long and painful post operative period and many other factors in my personal life I have decided that for the time being there will be no new posts to this blog,I would like to thank all the people who have commented and supported me. There may come a time when I am more disposed to share my twisted thoughts, but at the moment I have nothing to give.

Bless you all, Ogri

Sunday, July 10, 2005

Joy and Pain

It is deeply saddening that a nation can be shown the heights of joy and the depths of dispair in such a short time, from the joy of live 8 and the success of our olympic bid team to the horrific events of last thursday. The minds of the persons who carried out this heinous crime against innocent people can not be fathomed by me the only feeling that i have for this type of person is a deep and unalterable hatred. I served my country as a soldier and as such knew that my life was at risk, any person who takes on a millitary role places their life and health at risk as a part of the job and accepts the chances,but ordinary folks should have the right to live their lives without this. I hope and pray that the perpetrators are brought to justice and my thoughts and sympathy go out to the victims and their families.Also at this time I worry for the safety of my freinds who live on the eastern coast of the U.S.A. and pray that none of them will be harmed by hurricane Dennis.

Thursday, July 07, 2005

My Take

I think that you anoymous readers are probably now completely fed up with hearing about my health and would welcome something a little different so today I will give you a few thoughts that I have.
In a previous post I mentioned that I had some books in the queue. They have now been read and for anyone who has not I would thoroughly recommend that you read Dan Brown's
The Da Vinci Code, the author has researched his subject matter extremely well and produced a novel which is both compelling reading and thought provoking. The idea of the book is so feasible that it could be seen by some as almost factual. Make up your own minds. But I would rate it as a great read.

Live 8 dominated our t.v. screens for the whole of Saturday and while I did not watch every moment there were a few things which I found memorable. It seems to me that while there were some very good performances from many of the acts the real stars of the show were the oldest of the performers, Sir Paul Mc Cartney, The Who, and the incomparable Pink Floyd. The concert was worth watching for these alone. In some ways it makes me sad to see the heroes of my youth looking older but the magic is still there and their music is as good as it ever was. This year has seen Cream, Pink Floyd and the Who all performing after very long layoffs and they have not disappointed their fans and have gathered many new fans often from folks who were not even born when they were in their heydays. For example 2 sixteen year olds were interviewed on t.v. and asked what were their highlights of the day and the both replied The Who and Pink Floyd.

We have just this moment received a news report that there have been explosions in central London, at this time there is no clue as to the cause so I will sign off as I need to get more info.

Thursday, June 30, 2005

What day is this

Sitting at home with only the t.v. and computer for company may be great for some but for me it is becoming the biggest bore ever. I can only walk for short distances on crutches and am banned from driving for another 4 weeks, so the days seem to run into each other and they all seem the same. normally i woukd immerse myself in a good book but it seems that since all the problems with the drugs in hospital my attention span is reduced and i cannot concentrate. I hope that this will soon change as my books are one of the most important things in my life,speaking of which I have 2 lined up to read
The Da Vinci Code and Digital Fortress both by Dan Brown, both my Mother and H.B. have read them and raved about them so watch this space for my take.I'm sorry that my posts are short at the moment but i can't get comfortable at the computer and have to limit the time spent. I will end today with a story that was related to me by a friend, I don't know if it is true but it seems feasible.

A group of tourists were visiting the welsh villiage with the longest railway tsation name in the world and were arguimg about the pronunciation of the name, they decided to go into a resturant and ask the waitress to slowly say the name of the place, this they did and were amazed when the young waitress slowly said "Mc Donalds".
Keep the shiny side up, Ogri

Sunday, June 26, 2005

Post Op Post

Ok I survived, but it was not all plain sailing, the first problem occurred as soon as i was returned from the O.R. when it was discovered that I am one of those inconsiderate people who'se bodies treat painkillers like poison. I have never had any kind of major surgery before and so have never needed high dose analgesics but it seems that if you give me morphine or any of its cousins I just absorb it but it fails to stop the pain.They give you a switch and when the green light goes on you can press the switch and recieve another dose of morphine, great in principal but not for me, until the medics figured out what was wrong I was slowly poisoning myself and would have died.
I am not over dramatising this there were people tasked with stopping me from sleeping as if I fell asleep my breathing would stop as the morphine had affected the natural breathing reflex.
Needless to say as I am sitting here typing this,with a load of hard work from a great team of nurses and doctors I am now on the road to recovery and will try to post more often .At this time I can only walk with the aid of crutches and this makes sitting at the computer uncomfortable, but hopefully soon things will improve. I will see you all soon , ogri

Wednesday, June 08, 2005

Big News

Well it's big news for me. On tuesday next(14/6/2005) I will be admitted to hospital for my long awaited knee replacement. I have suffered from chronic arthrytis for the past 5 years and the degeneration of my right knee is now so serious that only a total knee replacement can help. some days the pain is so bad that just walking from the house to the car is a big journey, but now the surgeon has explained that this procedure has a very high success rate and a good prognosis is indicated.
I expect to be hospitalised for 5 days and will need about 8 weeks to fully recover with initiallty greatly reduced mobility so my posts may be few and far between for a while.
To my good friends who have supported this blog I wish you all well and will be in touch with you as soon as I can. May your god (whatever that may be) go with you all ,


Friday, May 20, 2005

A Little News

Hello everyone, I'm back again, sorry that it has been a while but life has been very busy with a short business trip to Spain and loads of work I have not even had a chance to read my mail let alone find time to update here.

First piece of news by the end of june I will have my new sqeaky clean bionic knee, The surgeon has finally given me a date for the procedure and I cant wait.

Casa ogri, our new home in Spain is very nearly complete with only a small ammount of electrical wiring to be done and then we will be ready to furnish and move in although I don't think we will be moving out straight away as we have a lot of loose ends to tie up here in the U.K. first.

I'm beginning to get the hang of my new cellphone with its inbuilt digital camera,and will post some pictures when I can find the time to set up my phone to transfer to P.C.

Hang loose, Ogri